Our Psychometric Testing solutions simplify the task of finding the right person for the right job – saving significant time and money. Furthermore, by looking at ability, potential and skills, we give you an objective insight that will improve the quality of your hiring decisions and stronger alignment of people with company strategies. As result, our techniques and approach ensures only suitable candidates enter the selection process. See our Psychometric Tests or Assessment and Development Centres pages or call Jo Thompson Recruitment today for more information 0844 2920800.

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    Ability and Aptitude Assessments

    Numerical, Verbal, Inductive, Checking, Calculation, Reading, and Mechanical Comprehension Tests for all job levels and functions.

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    Personality and Behaviour Assessments

    OPQ Occupational Personality Questionnaire and MQ Motivational Questionnaire are key CEB SHL assessment tools for determining potential and performance.

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    Job Knowledge and Skills Assessments

    Assessments cover clerical skills, business-essential (including software) skills, and IT professional skills.

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    Performance and Development Assessments

    CEB’s SHL Talent Measurement 360 Multi-Rater Feedback System gives you a structured, in-depth perspective on employee performance and potential.

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    Job and Company Fit Assessments

    Situational judgment assessments help reduce costs, speed up selection, and maximize candidate engagement.

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    Customised Solution Assessments

    Solutions tailored to your requirements through a world-class consulting practice.

Psychometric Testing – OPQ 32

SHL Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)

The OPQ is one of the most widely used and respected measures of workplace behavioural style in the world.

  • Measures 32 Personality Characteristics relevant to performance
  • Provides in-depth insight across key competencies
  • For Graduate, Professional, Management, and Leadership roles
  • Can be mapped to any job role or competency framework
  • Delivered online as self-service or as managed service
  • Identify top talent, create winning teams, improve hiring rates

SHL Motivational Questionnaire (MQ)

Organisations today depend on the motivation of their employees for success. However, organisations that rely on remuneration to motivate employees may struggle to engage, or even retain, their best people. Importantly, the MQ measures the extent to which an individual is motivated by a range of aspects helping you:

  • Understand the link between individual motivations and employee engagement
  • Identify and mange an individuals’s strongest motivators and de-motivators
  • Improve employee motivation and engagement

SHL Motivational Questionnaire (MQ)

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  • Improving overall interview and hiring selection objectivity, instituted CEB Talent Measurement tools, including the OPQ32 questionnaire, to give a more structured and relevant approach to selection decisions. Additionally, designed and developed numerous assessment and development centres that resulted in improved hiring practices and higher retention rates.

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More Psychometric Testing Information

CEB’s SHL Talent Measurement Verify range of online tests identify high-calibre talent quickly, efficiently, accurately, and securely. Highly effective in predicting job success, these tests objectively measure problem-solving and critical reasoning capabilities. In addition, a wide range of assessments are available, appropriate for all job levels and industries, including numerical, verbal, inductive, checking, calculation, reading, and mechanical comprehension tests. Many of these are also available in paper and pencil format.
CEB’s SHL Talent Measurement personality assessments unlock potential by ensuring employees are well matched to their jobs. Use in recruitment or development programs to ensure your people have the right behaviours and motivation to succeed. Identify the behaviours that directly impact job performance and the employees most likely to be safe and dependable workers. And ensure you have the right people for your organization by linking personality assessments to your competency framework and using our competency-based interview tools and assessment centre exercises.
Identify people with the skills to be productive from their first day. CEB’s SHL Talent Measurement tests measure specific skills and knowledge areas to understand individual strengths/weaknesses and assess job readiness. Skills assessments are especially important in jobs where on-the-job training opportunities are limited or where posts have to be filled quickly. The tests cover clerical skills, business-essential (including software) skills, and IT professional skills. We also offer an IT professional certification program for today’s most in-demand job functions through Brainbench, a CEB company.
CEB’s SHL Talent Measurement 360 Multi-Rater Feedback System gives you a structured, in-depth perspective on performance and potential, based on the ratings of colleagues, peers, managers, and clients. It means you can empower employees to take ownership of their career development and ensure that they are working in areas where they can add the most value. The system provides detailed and practical development and coaching tips to help employees create personal objectives and improve performance.
CEB’s SHL Talent Measurement online job/culture previews help reduce unsuitable applications by ensuring candidates understand the requirements of the job – and your organization – before they apply. You can also sift out your least suitable applicants using our avatar- or video-based talent screeners. These situational judgment tests help you reduce costs, speed up selection, and maximize candidate engagement, as the tests are seen as job relevant and fun to complete. Take a look at this video from Swarovski on how they use our talent screeners. These tests are often combined with other assessments to create job-specific or industry-specific solutions.
Solutions tailored to your requirements through a world-class consulting practice.